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female student in chemistry lab

Why Pursue an Internship?

No matter what your professional interests, gaining experience outside the classroom will help you explore careers, build skills, and develop your professional network.

At Clark, internships can be paid or taken for academic credit. Clark’s Career Connections Center can help you identify internships and jobs, connect with alumni, 和更多的.

Learn how to gain experience

Internship Stories

‘If you're having fun, then why not challenge yourself’

With STAIR and game design work, Dillon Remuck ’25 continues his tech climb

Career foundations built during student days

Skills and habits learned in on-campus jobs proved invaluable for alums

Emily Clarke ’24 unmasks the propaganda behind the postcards

Intern helps Strassler Center stage exhibition of Nazi letters


Connecting with 校友 for 实习

When 艾萨克的石头 ’19 was applying for a summer internship at the Ceres environmental advocacy group, he used our ClarkCONNECT networking program to reach out to an alumna who worked there. That connection helped him land the role — and gain a mentor. Learn more about ClarkCONNECT and other resources available through Clark’s Career Connections Center.